SQL Server on Linux: Behind The Scenes

Now it has become known that in order to make SQL Server run on Linux one has to introduce the so-called Platform Abstraction Layer (PAL) into SQL Server. The PAL is used to align all platform or operating system specific code in a single place and by doing so allow the rest of the codebase to stay operating system agnostic. The PAL was never previously required because SQL Server has been running only on Windows operating system for a long time. In reality, to ensure that numerous functionalities are available the SQL Server database engine codebase contains plenty of references to popular libraries on Windows. Read More

About SQL Server on Linux

In March 2016 Microsoft announced that it was bringing SQL Server to Linux. Yes, that same Linux that was ignored by the IT giant for years but has proven to be too good to be ignored. And it’s not the first time that the company is coming back to this operating system. However, this time and for the first time ever Microsoft is bringing SQL Server to Linux, which is kind of a big deal. Read More